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What started as a mother-daughter duo has blossomed into a movement uplifting students. Post It Love was founded on November 9, 2023 in Katy, Texas by Jelita Bridgeforth, sparked by an idea she had while making lunchbox notes for her own children over the years.

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Post It Love's Story

Realizing that every child deserves to experience that same affirming warmth and confidence boost sparked a vision for Jelita and her daughter Kelsey Bridgeforth.

They officially launched Post It Love to the public on Valentine's Day 2024 with a mission to provide uplifting emotional support through the simple yet powerful act of offering encouraging handwritten notes.

Our comprehensive approach nurtures self-love in students through these affirming messages of care. We believe when children feel truly seen, heard and uplifted, it unlocks their determination to create a brilliant future.

Under Jelita's leadership as Founder & President and Kelsey as Director of Communications, our team works tirelessly to deliver the love, tools and inspiration all students need to flourish:

- Tamera Candis, Treasure and Student Program Specialist

- Blanche Orr, Secretary 

-Mitchell Bridgeforth, Volunteer Outreach Coordination 

-Tina Wright, Director of Operations 

From a mother's simple act has blossomed Post It Love's vision - ensuring every learning environment cultivates the confidence and perseverance within each child to shine their brightest.

Untitled design-93.png
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