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About Post It Love


Welcome to Post It Love! Come explore our mission, impact stories, initiatives and how we support students in underserved schools and students who need a little more love and encouragement. 


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Every child deserves to feel loved, valued, and supported throughout their educational journey. Post It Love, provides uplifting emotional support and encouragement to underserved students and to students who need a little more love and support. We nurture self-love and confidence whether students already receive love at home or are missing that supportive environment. Post It Love bridges the gap by providing students with affirmations and reminders that they are valued. We achieve this goal by writing and delivering weekly handwritten notes to students that offer words of love, affirmation, and encouragement, along with providing ongoing administrative support to partner schools. Our objective is to help create learning environments where all students can flourish.


Our weekly handwritten notes serve as reminders to students that they are cared for and capable of overcoming any obstacle. Research shows positive affirmation can profoundly impact young minds, nurturing perseverance, and resilience. While many nonprofits focus solely on financial assistance, Post It Love recognizes the equal importance of emotional support. By bridging this gap, we empower students to reach their full potential.


Our comprehensive approach is founded on the belief that when a child feels seen, heard, and uplifted, they unlock the drive and determination to create a promising future. We envision learning environments where every student, regardless of background, has the tools, love and encouragement they need to flourish. With your support, we can continue uplifting underserved youth and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow. Join us in bringing Post It Love to students nationwide.


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To foster a positive and supportive environment that nurtures the emotional health and academic success of students. 


To make every student feel valued, supported, and empowered to boldly pursue their dreams.


At Post It Love, we believe that every child, regardless of background, deserves to feel loved, valued, and supported. We embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as core values. 

We celebrate the diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives within our community. By promoting equity and inclusivity, we strive to create welcoming, supportive environments where all students, parents, and community partners can be involved with Post It Love.

Post it Love slogan "Life is complicated enough, love should not be."


Love threads every word, infusing our letters with warmth and care. Kindness guides our messages, offering comfort and encouragement to every child. Respect underpins our approach, valuing each unique story and perspective. Belonging weaves through our words, creating a sense of community where every child feels seen, valued, and empowered.



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In the quiet moments of reflection, I pondered the most vital question: what is the most important thing a child could ever receive? And the answer was clear - love. Pure and simple. It took me back to the early days, standing in the kitchen, preparing lunch for my children. I have three remarkable kids—two vibrant daughters and a courageous son. School was their world, their learning and dreams playground. 


My oldest children adored those packed lunches. It wasn't just the sandwiches or snacks; it was the little notes I slipped in to remind them they were loved, those tiny pieces of heart that whispered, "Have a fantastic day. Love, Mom." or " I believe in YOU, so be a Rockstar today!" Love, Mom. My children would return home, bubbling with excitement and stories of their day, and in those tales, those seemingly insignificant notes held a magical power— that brightened their day and reminded them they were loved.  


Now, ages 22 and 17, with my youngest only being 8 years old. Each, navigates their paths while reminiscing about the small gestures of love in their lunchbox. My youngest is now able to share in the same joy with notes of love.  Then one day as I packed her lunch it hit me—every child deserves that sprinkle of warmth, that moment of affection that reminds them they are loved. Post It Love was born from the desire for every child to experience love and kindness, to feel a sense of value that sets their hearts aglow.  


This initiative isn't just about words on paper; it's about the radiance those words ignite in a child. It's about fostering kindness that ripples outward, shaping compassionate, confident individuals ready to paint the world with their unique brilliance. Every note, every word, is a testament to our belief that love is the greatest gift we can give, one lunchbox note at a time. Pure and simple. 

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Post it Love storytime. The kids that made post it love start what it has imagined.
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Much love-10.png
Post it Love grow with the vision


Join us in spreading love and support to children in our communities! Your donation helps us impact more students in underserved schools and students who need more love and support, providing heartfelt messages and vital resources that brighten young lives. 

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